These “Terms and Conditions”apply to my visit to Somewhere Only We Know room rental located 29 Moo 6, 84280 Koh Phangan, Surrathani, Thailand herein referred as the “Property”. Any person who reserved a room or physically got access to the Property is herein referred as a “Guest”. The Somewhere Only We Know is the commercial name of a room rental activity with bar and restaurant exclusively managed by We Did It Co Ltd a limited liability company established in Thailand under the registration number 303435624 with its registered address at 29 Moo 6, 84280 Koh Phangan together with all its employees, directors and shareholders herein referred as the “Company”. All correspondences to our Company shall be EXCLUSIVELY addressed to this address : We Did It Co Ltd, PO Box 56, 84280 Koh Phangan.
By getting access to this Property or by visiting the website www.Somewhere Only We Know-phangan.com , the Guest confirms the full understanding and fully agrees by these terms and conditions in addition to the terms and conditions of our Arrival Form together referred as the “Terms and Conditions”.
If the Guest does not accept or agrees to these Terms and Conditions, the Guest shall not be able to get access to the Property, book nights, visit our website www.somewhere-onlyweknow.com or get any kind service from our Company. The Guest has the obligation to confirm on arrival his/her full approval to these Terms and Conditions by signing the arrival form. Our Company reserves its the right to change, modify, add, or remove some portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes will be effective when such new terms are integrated in these terms of conditions and are either published on the website www.Somewhere Only We Know-phangan.com or communicated to the Guest. Please check these Terms and Conditions of use regularly for information updates. If the Guest uses the Property or the services of the Company after the change of these Terms and Conditions, it will mean that the Guest fully accepted these changes.
It is known, accepted and understood by all Guests that the contractual relation is done directly between the Guest and the Company only. Some services ordered through the Company may be delivered to the Guest, these services are usually clearly designated however it is the liability of the Guest who accepts to enquire if such or such service is actually delivered by the Company or not. In these cases the Company simply acts as a secretary for the supplier and its liability is limited to the transmission of payment or orders from the Guests. The Company cannot be held liable for service supply done by any third party. The Company, therefore, shall not be responsible in general for damages cause by any supplier or third party. and in particular for breach of contract, poor or non performance or any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such Supplier or its technical equipment, which result in any loss, damage, delay, or any type of injury to the Guest or the Guest’s travel companions or group members including death.


Your payment in full is required at reservation, this payment must be received within 10 days, failure to do so we will give rise to the cancellation of your reservation. The reservation must be down in your name only. Each reservation is for two people only. Outside guests are strictly forbidden at anytime. People under 16 years old are forbidden to access the property. Any kind of food is strictly forbidden in the villas at anytime. Access is by foot only down a natural path with no security or protections down a mountain.


Following your confirmed written reservation 100% of the Total net Amount received will be refunded for any written cancellation request sent at least 7 days before your check-in date at Somewhere Only We Know. If you cancel your reservation less than 7 days before your check-in date at Somewhere Only We Know there will be no refund.


Refund made by way of international banking wire will be subject to standard banking fee which will be the service fee for this refund.Reservation policies.


Please note that reservations need to be done at least one day before arrival and is subject to availability. It is important to know that check-in must be done between 2.00pm and 5.00pm on the first day of your reservation. If your arrival time differs from our above check-in times, please make sure to let us know in writing at least 48 hours in advance as coming late will be treated as a no-show which means that your reservation will be cancelled without refund. Also check the ferries to our island with www.phanganferries.com or the hadrin queen boat in order to arrive in a timely manner on our island, the last boat is at 6.30pm in general. If we do not know your ferry’s arrival time and company at least 48 hours before your arrival, we won’t be able to arrange a pick-up service and this service will be cancelled without refund. Please inform us at least two days before your arrival of the boat company name and the pier name you will arrive on Koh Phangan otherwise we won’t be able to pick you and organize the transfers. For your check-in it is compulsory to sign our registration form and hand us your passports with a valid visa and an immigration arrival card to make a copy as Thai law obliges us to do so. We reserve the right to refuse your stay if you do not follow these policies.In order for you to have an optimal and pleasurable experience we need to know your arrival and departure time on the island, if applicable your flight numbers and cell phone number so we can contact you in case of problem. Also contact us to know more about our VIP-transfer for an extra charge if you want to travel more comfortably it is 8.500THBs one way for two. If your check-in is later than 5pm or earlier than noon we will do our best to organize it and hire extra staff for you there is an additional charge of 1.500THBs.


Check-out is at noon. If you wish a later check-out please let us know as soon as possible with your ferry departure time and company as well as if applicable your flight number we will check if a late check-out is possible with our ongoing reservations if possible there won’t be any additional fee. If it is not available we will do our very best to offer you the most comfortable solution possible. As we are an island please plan ahead with the boat timings, we can help you. Be aware that early departure flight from the airport of Koh Samui might not be possible due to boat timings we usually cannot offer early VIP transfers to Koh Samui when it is too early either.


Any payment of any kind to Somewhere Only We Know (besides the stay which is paid separately) requires a payment by cash in Thai Bahts only. Payments are due before check-out in total.


As our estate is not suitable for children we do not accept accompanying children under 16 years old in our resort. To make a reservation you must be at least 21 years old.


Pets are not allowed in our resort.


Smoking is not allowed in all closed rooms of our resort and the villas in general. As we have a very open architecture there is plenty of room for you to smoke in some public zones and everywhere in the 8000m2 property.


The use of any illicit drugs in Thailand is strictly forbidden and may lead to harsh consequences like several years of prison. Therefore, the use of drugs is strictly forbidden in our resort please refer to our terms and conditions for details.


Our resort is private being reserved to our guests and not open to the general public. To ensure that experience we do not allow third parties in our resort. If you wish to invite friends or family over for a visit please coordinate this with us in advance. We are more than happy to accept friends or family of our guests if possible at that time but must be aware of it.


We do reserve the right to reject or not accept your stay if you choose to not follow our policies or in strong cases to take legal measurements, please refer to our terms and conditions for details.


No name change will be allowed on the reservation, the people booking are the person staying. Any contradiction between the names provided and the people physically coming for the stay at Somewhere Only We Know will give rise to cancellation without refund on your reservation. Any date change request on your reservation is subject to the discretionary right of Somewhere Only We Know to approve your request, any change might be subject to higher rates, no refund will be permitted for lower rates.


We are a small resort, we only have two rooms, we have 4 people in the staff they have various mission but of course cannot be standing at the bar or the restaurant all day for 4 guests this is why our bar and restaurant is private and on request before 2pm same day for the dinner at the restaurant and the day before for the bar. Our place has this price because people come for the nature and the location as well as our one of a kind choice of excursions and experiences we propose from our partners. The latter are exclusive to our resort and unique in Asia ! Our resort is in the nature, with lush plants, animals and insects this is why it is amazing to stay with us. It is pure and untouched, The living rooms, bathrooms, gardens, bar, restaurant are open on the nature. The resort is only accessible by foot down a nature trail, with soil, small rocks, roots, it is beautiful and short only 5 minutes down and 7 minutes up. There is no light at night to protect our monkeys as they sleep at night and do not like to be disturbed but we provide flashlights. If you do not like insects or nature or you are allergic to it is always possible to cancel 24hours or 48hours after your reservation we will do our best, just contact us at hello@s-sowk.com or contact your online agency : Booking.com. Airbnb, etc … and inform them that you would like to cancel your stay with us they will contact us and we will accept to refund you without any fees. We understand people might not be used to nature anymore, we understand that you may want to stay in a more closed, sealed resort. We want you to have the best vacation ever ! If there is any insects we will do our best given availability and time of the day to assist you to remove any unwanted friends. The bedrooms are perfectly sealed from the outside. However, if a window is left open you may have for example a harmless small gecko that slid in, there is no worries to have. They will remove the insects and be quiet, they are not harmful at all nor dirty. We do our very best from the construction of the house to non-chemical traps to keep the insects at bay for example the mosquitoes but we cannot kill the entire nature (as some past guests expected) as we are here to protect it as all is useful in Nature and it is in great danger putting us in danger as well in the very short term. What we want to say by that is that our resort is really for nature lovers and people open to Thai traditions and meeting with locals. If it is not your goal in your vacation we totally understand and will do our best to find the best hotel for you and if possible always ask for a total refund so there is no worry for you. Have a great time on Koh Phangan ! We recently received threats for money against bad reviews while customers said they have the best time and service and requested this only for money, this an attitude that will not be accepted and acceptable at our place and it will be immediately referred to your online or travel agency.


Our customers will all be required before check-in to comply with the law and register themselves and sign our terms and conditions and liability release form in the form of our Arrival Form. If you would like to read it before please let us know and we will be happy to send it to you beforehand, which means before reservation and payment. We will need your passport in order to take a picture of it, you must hold a valid passport with valid visa. Our arrival form must be signed by all guests staying with us, if you do not wish to sign on arrival we will not be able to host you and your stay cannot be refunded. This clause is of essence and understood between all parties. Food supplies, drink supplies, excursions, transfers, transportation of any kind, rentals, spa treatments are offered under the liability of third parties without any possible liability of We Did It, it staff or shareholders. This is a separate special agreement between the parties. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions nor our Arrival Forms terms and conditions we will be happy to refund you and cancel your reservation if communicated at least 24h to 48hours after your reservation,
“Somewhere Only We Know”“Somewhere Only We Know” “SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW” “SOWK” are the commercial names of We Did It Co Ltd, 29 Moo 6, 84280 Koh Phangan, Thailand that is the sole owner and operator of rooms for rent, restaurant and bar and secretary services located at 29 Moo 6, 84280 Koh Phangan, THAILAND and of all products and services offered under the name Somewhere Only We Know in general or by We Did It Co Ltd. These “Cancellations and Reservations policies” detailed above represent mere appendixes to the general terms and conditions of We Did It CO Ltd for its Somewhere Only We Know product and services therefore any visit of this website : www.Somewhere Only We Know-phangan.com , any reservation, stays, visit and more are subject to your prior full acceptation of the general terms and conditions of We Did It Co Ltd and Somewhere Only We Know. Please read carefully these terms and conditions by either clicking on this LINK or visit it on :www.Somewhere Only We Know-phangan.com, if you do not fully agree with these terms and conditions please discontinue immediately the use of this website and the use of the product and services of Somewhere Only We Know and We Did It Co Ltd. Somewhere Only We Know is a protected trademark.
Reminders about the laws in Thailand: We are required to observe the law in Thailand without warning or communication. The respect of the laws in Thailand is very strict with zero tolerance made with systematic jail time. Koh Phangan is no exception. In order for you to enjoy your stay and have a great time here it is important to know that partial and total nudity is illegal in Thailand in any public area. Possession or use of any kind of illegal drug is extremely illegal and subject to frequent searches in our premises, pee test or random verifications at anytime and in any place even private by the authorities, this is irrespective of the kind of drug or its amount which is different that in other countries. A negative attitude towards the Royal Family of Thailand or the Buddhism in general is strictly illegal as well.