The most secret resort in the world

A Total Privacy experience with the feeling of being on your own private island without its usual downsides.

Our Resort is located in the best area of the island minutes from all shops, restaurants, attractions and nightlife. The resort has a private Restaurant, Bar, Beach Lounge, exclusive discovery experiences and wide range of Wellness treatments.

It is self limited to only 3 villas each hosting 2 guests (total 6 guests at anytime) offering full intimacy with their private gated gardens, on 3 private beaches and an additional 6 secluded beaches. 

We are located on the most beautiful beaches of the island with the most amazing sunsets near all attraction. In order to keep it private for our guests only, we had to keep our access very secret.

No roads, no sign, no logo on uniforms, an internet location that is partially accurate, our famous jungle door with a code and an access by a short but real hike of 5 to 7 minutes (we carry your luggage): Discover why now …


Total Privacy

We have 3 private beaches, surrounded by 6 other secluded beaches. Our estate is surrounded by Nature with only one direct neighbour.

We limited ourselves to 6 guests maximum at a time. Our villas with gated gardens each host only 2 people (16+ years) and are at least 50 meters from each other’s.

Our Beach Lounge, Restaurant and Bar is reserved to our staying guests only. No outside person is allowed to access our estate.

Uncompromised Total Privacy.

Not a Resort but a full destination in itself

We are offering you the most rich travel experience you may have ever experienced.

No “excursions” with us but only exciting +78 exclusive experiences guided by 67 local people, almost all exclusive to our place.

Whether you are looking for temples, discussions with monks, discovering jungles, learning how to cook, to fish, the most romantic experience and all the things you would have never dreamt to live, we probably have it too.


An innovative and totally sustainable Resort

We are among the most sustainable resorts in Asia.

Our villas consume only 5% of the normal energy, their construction and functioning have no impact on our land, our lagoon or our air.

Our owner the international designer Guillaume Brachet invented eco-technologies such as an Hybrid natural air conditioner, the only natural pool in a tropical country or a zero ground emission septic system.

Our filtered drinking water comes from our clean and clear spring, 98% of our supplies are organic & local, we planted 300 trees on our land, we produce next to zero trash, our cleaning products, soaps and shampoos are local and organic, we protect our lagoon, we plant some of our supplies, and much more.

Imagined, designed, built by the brain & hands of a dreamer for you

Guillaume Brachet owner and international designer had a dream when he was 14 years old while drawing with his pencils: to own a tropical luxury hotel.

With virtually no savings, he rented this land, fixed a ruin on it, lived there for 2 years and a half with no water, nor electricity, with only a few clothes, no furniture, working online and slowly over 8 years, building the most extraordinary and best 5 star resort there is.

He changed his life to be the change he wanted to see in the world: live a simpler life, with some elements of technologies, in comfort while reducing by 92% his personal pollution and discovering the most incredible island and people after visiting over 70 countries.

Like he says he did not choose this exceptional island in a way the island chose him.

His idea is to share it with you by offering you a resort that primarily aims at your comfort and your happiness while discovering this amazing island we call “The promised land” called Koh Phangan.

Socially Responsible beyond any standards

Our money has a direct impact on what we cause to this world. This is why nothing except our toilet paper is purchased from a big company but only with small businesses owned by people.

We personally know all our suppliers & Guides and are friends with them we make sure to pay them well. Our goal is not profit but happiness and well being for all: guests, staff and suppliers.

We financially support and pay monthly & directly struggling families in Myanmar in civil war, Airbnbs in Ukraine and help to buy land in Borneo to plant forest for the Orangoutangs victims of people buying palm oil food products.

All of our Staff has a hard story for you to discover, they are proud of the change that is happening in their lives, they are paid well, we assist them to have a new life and they all do this job with pride and love.

You will see as a guest the service and the interaction with the staff is not the same.


A highly tailor made service done with care

We are all different and you are unique.

We truly care about getting to know you, your expectations, your preferences, your dislikes or anything you may wish to share with us.

We have a small resort of only 6 guests to be able precisely and individually tailor the stay to each guest.

From our food, drinks and experiences all is thought of and adapted to you.

Truly giving back to its local community, its island and Thailand

Following the principle that nobody dies with their bank account. We are giving back in different ways, so we follow the “Be The Change you want to see in the W §–orld” the way of life of the owner Guillaume Brachet.

We purchase nearly only from locals (98%), we advise them, promote their business and always pay them the fair price.

We finance entirely (100%) the construction and the implementation of our eco-technologies turning polluting local businesses green and sustainable.

An industrial laundry which was equipped with our invention. It is an innovative eco-filter of 20 meters long treating chemically loaded laundry water with activated charcoal from local coconuts and coconut husks and plants which does not release any water.

We helped to implement a bio-treatment for the coconut trees of the island saving in the end all our coconut trees in 2017 and 2018.

We helped to implement an ecological option with organic locally made Laundry soap in 12 local laundries (google business promotion, helping the farmer that makes this laundry soap and generate higher revenues for the local laundry).

We pay for the renovation of local businesses (restaurant or bar) and provide free consulting assistance.

We involved 67 locals to make additional money sharing their life and knowledge with our guests helping children in the island to go to University with that.

We clean beaches, roads & plant trees, … as a routine.

We help, advice and support the municipality free of charge with our assistance on eco-technologies, designs and business ideas.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information we will be happy to provide all information about our projects.