Our Exclusive Experiences

Discover some of the +78 exclusive experiences we offer done by 67 locals who accepted to share their life and/or knowledge with our guests.

No excursion here, it is an experience, a discovery, a reconnection with yourselves and the world it is what travel is all about.

Important: we need at 7 days minimum to arrange and book with the locals.

Hike with a Jungle Man & Learn about Medicinal Plants

Discover our amazing nature and the people that live in its very center. Private Day Tour & Lunch and transport from 9h30am to 4pm.

Price : ฿5000

Duration : 4h30

Be part of a Famous Phangan Community & make your own up-cycled Jewellery

Private Day Tour with lunch & transport. From 9h30am to 4pm Available July 25th to August 14th and October 2nd onwards.

Price : ฿5000

Duration : 4h30

Shop & Cook like a Thai

Shop at the organic Farm & traditional Market. Cook at our resort with our private chef. Includes transport, 3 dishes of your choice. From 1p to 5pm.

Price : ฿3500

Duration : 4h

Fishing like a local

Learn how to throw a traditional fishing net or fish in the ocean with a fishing pole. Includes all fishing gears. From 4pm to 8pm.

Price : ฿3000

Duration : 4h

Share the life of a thai fisherman from the fresh market

Fish on a boat and share the life of an expert who fishes every day for his family. Includes transport, boat and fishing gear.

Price : ฿6000

Duration : 4h

Initiation Thai Boxing

Have the most amazing cardio and learn about this ancient art and tradition without getting hurt. Any level is available. Fight training is possible. Includes transport, boxing gears and professional personal trainer in a muay Thai boxing camp.

Price : ฿4000

Duration : 1h

Be guided to the Phangan's Signature Nightlife and Musics

For all ages and tastes. Our island is certainly not only about the Full Moon Party but for its mesmerizing signature vibe, safe environment, Jazz, Reggae and our famous melodic electronic music. Be amazed. Duration: min. 2 hours.



Motor Parasailing Over Koh Phangan

Discover the turquoise waters and our amazing jungle from above. You will fly over one of the most beautiful beaches on the island accompanied by an experienced instructor, feeling the wind in your hair and the freedom me of flight at your finger tips.

Price : ฿12,500

Duration : 1h30

Make your own coconut oil

Learn how to make your very own coconut oil. You learn the cold pressed process which is the purest and most respectful process there is. The taste and properties of the oil are much stronger and more powerful. you will learn A to Z. 
Private Day Tour & Lunch and transport from 9h30am to 4pm.

Price : ฿4000

Duration : 4h30

Scuba Diving

Explore the depths with our expert instructors, discovering breathtaking beauty and the serenity of the underwater eco-system. It includes two dives, transportation, breakfast and lunch. From 6:50am – 3pm.

Price : ฿3900

Duration : 9h


Explore the oceans beauty with our snorkeling escapades. Witness the colorful underwater world and marine treasures. from 6:50am – 3pm. 

Price : ฿1800

Duration : 9h

Design Your Own Leather Shoes

Pick a picture or a drawing of the shoe you dream and meet our local quality maker. You will be by his side leaning the process of how your shoes will be made and can of course participate as much as you want. 

Price : ฿8000

Duration : 4h

Glass Kayak

Embark on a unique aquatic journey with our glass-bottom kayaks, allowing you to witness the enchanting marine life and stunning underwater landscapes as you paddle along the crystal-clear waters. Experience the magic of the sea beneath you, with the wonder of an underwater spectacle

Price : Free

Duration : 

Paddle Board

Explore the thrill of paddleboarding on our pristine waters. Hop on a board and paddle your way through the scenic beauty of the sea. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, our sessions provide a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, improve your balance, and have a great time on the water.

Price : Free

Duration : 

Something Extra ?

 If we are missing something you really dream to do, let us know and we will try our best to organize it for you. 

Price : 

Duration :