Total Privacy

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Most Secret Resort In The World

A Resort Tailored Around You

Discover this Unique Seaside Escape offering total privacy, nestled in a private bay with spectacular double storey Designer’s Villas concealed from view from others guests.

Enjoy a worry free stay with our exclusive Elevated Discovery Experiences & Wellness Treatments guaranteeing a unique stay and a world of Discoveries & Memories to cherish a lifetime.

At your personal service our Conciergerie, our Stay-in Personal Attendant and Private Chef at our private restaurant located on our beach.

We are all about tailor-made and can arrange virtually anything, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your dreams and expectations we are Here for exactly that.

Total Privacy

located on 3 private beaches, surrounded by 6 other secluded beaches. Our estate is surrounded by Nature and reserved  for only 6 guests at a time 

Tailormade Services

Individually designed unique  services planned to match all your preferences

Human Experiences

Eye-opening experiences lead by extraordinary local people.

Design Villas

All villas hand crafted and designed by the international French Designer Guillaume Brachet.


The Island

Koh Phangan, an island where the whispers of nature speak volumes, hosts our exclusive resort, a synthesis of opulence and seclusion amidst the island’s panoramic views of sea and jungle.

Our haven is crafted for those who seek to immerse themselves in the splendor of untouched nature while enjoying the pinnacle of luxury accommodation and service.

The resort acts as a gateway to the island’s dual personality, offering tranquility by day and access to its pulsating heart by night.

The nightlife, a fusion of tradition and modernity, captivates with its beach parties, where guests can experience the vibrant social tapestry of Koh Phangan under a canopy of stars.

Tailored Discovery Experiences

Experience the luxury of personalized exploration with SOWK Resort’s Tailored Discovery Experiences.

Our bespoke adventures are designed to reflect your personal style and interests, offering a seamless blend of comfort and excitement.

Whether you’re drawn to the tranquility of nature or the thrill of exploration, we craft each experience to ensure your journey is uniquely yours.

The Villas

The Hedonist Villa

The Sanghamitra Villa

The Beach Villa

Why is it so secret?



We are located on the most beautiful beaches of the island with the most amazing sunsets near all attractions and in order to keep it to our guests only we had to keep our access very secret.

No roads, no sign, no logo on uniforms, an internet location that is partially accurate, our famous jungle door with a code and an access by a short but real hike of 5 to 7 minutes (we carry your luggage)



Multi-Award winning Resort

Member of XO Private Hotels

The Recognitions

Ines Rego Cruz
Ines Rego Cruz
Merveilleux ! Coupé du monde. Petite marche pour y accéder mais c'est magnifique ! On a vu des singes depuis notre chambre 🥰 Le service est excellent, ils sont vraiment au petit soin avec nous ! Je recommande à 100%
Anna Palmer
Anna Palmer
I got a secret romantic present from my husband and end up in this amazing place. Being a picky foodies and kind of snobs about accommodation and amenities we were nicely surprised. At the first the open living room and bathroom shocked me, but later on I actually loved it and found it very nice to be closer to the nature and beautiful views and sounds. Good news that closed bedroom has two aircons😎 Another delight surprise was food and service. We enjoyed every meal we had by Chef Aung and Khun Nyein the quality and freshness left us absolutely satisfied. They only down for me was the jungle trail down and up. It’s not that easy, and you better be in good shape😆 They tell you about this over and over before you arrive, but it is definitely true! I would definitely recommend to stay here, if you are ready to hike a bit down and up, and want just to relax and have a quiet secluded place to stay. And BTW, it’s not necessary for the couples, it’s private enough to just be on your own and enjoy time to yourself 👍
PumpThe Ponzi78
PumpThe Ponzi78
Its cool.
Krystel Hendrikse
Krystel Hendrikse
In one word: AMAZING! The whole experience was incredible. In total we stayed 5 nights in this little paradise. From the moment we entered down the jungle road (only access through a code) and saw the beautiful views we knew this is a hidden gem. Also the designs from architect Guillaume are completely unique; you have to see all the small details and use of nice materials (Guillaume told us that they created everything themselves in a period of 8 years). The staff were so lovely, very friendly and helpful. We really miss them! Every morning was a joy to go to breakfast; we also enjoyed a lot of lunches and a fresh fish dinner with candle lights. You also have a good chance to spot monkeys, lizzards and bats. We made "friends" with the monkeys and they visit us several times (two mornings we woke op with a lot of monkeys on the balcony). If you go please don't forget your bug spray (they have also natural sprays without any chemicals in it ;-).
רקפת חן
רקפת חן
WOW! its the most amazing place ever, with deep thinking of each and every detail which can make your vacation to a perfect one. We will come back very soon!
Jessica J
Jessica J
We stayed here in September and had the most incredible few nights - it’s an independently owned, completely unique and individual experience. You can tell someone has thought about it and wanted to make this a relaxing, remote and unique escape in nature. It was a highlight few nights of our trip to Thailand. It isn’t for those that expect//need an international hotel stay experience, it’s very different and unique to anywhere else I’ve stayed! You walk down quite a steep little trail through the jungle to get to your villa which is amazing as you feel in the middle of nature, have natural darkness and can hear the monkeys! The staff were lovely, helpful and so friendly. We had healthy and plentiful breakfasts, and a delicious fresh fish dinner for just the two of us one evening all lit by candles. Being more into the jungle, bug spray is needed - but we saw so much nature. Fire flies when walking through the jungle at night to get to our room, monkeys, lizards and as the sunset, lots of bats. There are loungers on the little stretch of beach to sunbathe and the sunsets there are absolutely incredible. You can hire a moped to explore the island very easily.
D Richey
D Richey
Absolutely a special place. The property was dreamy and tastefully curated for both comfort and maximum photo ops. Guillaume clearly has an eye for art which we appreciated as well. The entire staff was so lovely and it was very clear the commitment to hospitality. We especially enjoyed dinner our first night, and exploring the island with Anais’s recs , and watching in our outdoor cinema when the weather wasn’t cooperating. It was all basically above and beyond. Thank you so much for the memories, I hope we meet again!
A truly unique place. It is an experience all should try once. Make sure to book some of their exclusive excursions and experiences and let yourself be guided at reservation. Each guide does it only for the resort because they want to share their unique knowledge and or personal history. The island of Koh Phangan is special as it’s residents thai or foreigners decided to live here to have a better life so all are very passionate about their way of living. It is eye opening. An experience like I said.